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Master of Counselling (MCouns)


Master of Counselling (MCouns)


Programme Overview


The Master of Counselling programme is designed to give students the opportunity to develop professional level skills with solid fundamentals.With the pressures of modern day education for both the student and the educator - particularly the problems faced at home or outside the learning institution, being especially high, Counsellors play an important role in ensuring all individuals achieve their maximum potential despite outside factors.

Since its establishment, the programme has successfully provided better career opportunity for the graduates, provides opportunity for them to be promoted to higher post in public and private employment sectors.

The programme of studies for the Master of Counselling is offered in two (2) course modes namely by Coursework worth  fifty-one (51) credits and by Research.

The programme of study shall be classified as follows:

(a)       Programme by Coursework , that is, a programme of study 
            wholly by way of lectures which may involve producing 
            a Research Report..

(b)       Programme by Research, that is, a programme of study wholly
            by research leading to a dissertation.


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